Asian Style Garden And Landscape Structure Plans

Many of our structures are in a Japanese Style, and although we do employ some traditional joinery, they are mostly designed using Western Style building techniques.

Welcome to our Japanese Gate Plan Page

- Japanese Roofed Entry Gate Plans -

We offer 6 Roof Styles on our Japanese Entry Gates,

Straight, Curved, Draped, Hip, Azumaya, and Inverted Curve Roofs

  • Straight
    Japanese Straight Gate Plans
  • Curved
    Japanese Curved Gate Plans
  • Draped
    Japanese Draped Gate
  • Hip
  • Azumaya
  • Inverted Curve
    Inverted Curve Japanese Gate


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* These Asian-Styled Gates are Designed and built using
Western-Style tecniques and (mostly concealed) fasteners,
instead of using Traditional Asian Roof members and joinery.

Our Detailed Japanese Gate Plans come with an accurate Materials List,
and some of our Plans also come with Full Sized Templates
for the more difficult and critical parts.

We email you the Image Files for each Plan Page.
Each of the Page Views you print out at home, and any
full sized templates ( if needed ) are taken to a Printers
and printed on 1' wide paper.

Click Images to see example of Plans Files we send you

  • Azumaya Roof
    Azu Plans
  • Curved Roof
    Japanese Gate Plans


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  • See Roofed Entries built
    from our Plans
  • Roofed Entries

Click on the Photos below to see Similar Entrys we've built

You have 4 Choices of Gate Styles when you order a Entry Gate Plan

  • Gate Style 1
    Japanese Style Gate
  • Gate Style 2
    Japanese Gate
  • Gate Style 3
    Japanese Gate
  • Gate Style 4
    Japanese Gate 4

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