Kentucky Gazebo

Kentucky Gable

This was built in my workshop to give me a project I could do in out of the weather. 

I decided to enclose the building to use it as a feature near my garden.  I ended up using treated wood, which was a pain because it is not stable.  I hope a dark stain will give me the look I want. I will send you pictures after I get the windows and siding on it.

The building is two inches narrower than my door!  Hope I measured right!  

I didn't keep track of my time.  I have approached this project slowly and haven't been in a hurry.  I mortised all the stringers, which took forever.  Ended up cutting the rafter curves with a

circular saw, then polished to shape tracing the pattern with a router.  

I am using hardiboard for the siding.  It gets two opaque windows on the sides and a moon window on the end.  I will send updates.  The fun part will be picking this up to move it

to its final spot.  I hope my tractor will pick it up.!


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