This is a Azumaya (as an Outdoor Tai-chi Dojo)

that I designed and built.

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It's for a Tai-chi master

(a San Diego Police officer) who wanted to be able to practice, and teach in his backyard



The walls measure 20' x 20'.

The roof measures 23' x 23', and is only 12' tall to meet local Height Restrictions.





It gets pretty hot in the Summer here in the inland San Diego area, so he asked me to design him an outdoor Tai-chi dojo area with a nice shade structure.


I had been just been researching azumayas, and the Dutch-hip roof structure, funny how things seem to just fall into place sometimes.

We used timberframe trusses to gain more interior headroom.






The azumaya is fabricated from

rough-sawn, full dimensioned

California redwood.


The shade material is rolls of copper-tied bamboo cane.


Copper hip-cap

covers the hip cut

in the bamboo.




         Looking up ..


 Beautiful 70% shade.






The curved ridge beam is made from a 4x6 and 4x8 glued and bolted together.


Anyway, it's a beautiful space now, with a wonderful sense of harmony, and the Sensei says there's plenty of chi.


We are completely pleased with the structure you built for us.  Everyone loves it.  We are currently practicing Tai Chi in the Azumaya every Sunday.  Everyone compliments us about the feel of the entire backyard (thanks to you).   I know I thanked you for the Azumaya, but I am not sure that I ever thanked you for the design of the entire backyard.  Your design turned out fabulous.  I could not ask for more.  I would not trade my backyard for anything. 

 Take Care,   Rueben


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