This Beautiful Site is high up on a hill, with a wonderful 200º View overlooking coastal San Diego.

The Design Issues are to enlarge the outdoor area, and provide some much needed shade!

The Site
The Design


Click HERE to download a 3D.PDF Model

of this Design you can Zoom and Rotate!

Click HERE to download a

3D.HTML Model

You'll need Adobe Reader Version 7

or newer, or Acrobat to view the 3D.pdf

Left Mouse Button to Rotate, LMB + ctrl to Pan

Middle Wheel to Zoom.

This is a very nice 3D Model. You'll be asked to go download the HTML Viewer / Player.

Left Mouse Button to Rotate, LMB+ctrl to Pan

Middle Wheel click and drag to Zoom.

Would be Similar to these two Projects


MoreDesign Images

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