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10' x 12' Curved Roof Azumaya plans
While searching the internet for Japanese tea house plans to complete my Japanese influenced garden and koi pond, I was captivated by Joe Wood’s Japanese Azumaya designs. Purchasing the 10’ by 12’ Curved Roof plans. I was amazed at the abundance and quality of the detail provided. Joe was always available by email to answer my many questions, even to the point of providing additional detailed drawings. The harmonious lines of the architecture and complimenting natural form create an atmosphere of serenity that draws all who visit my garden.
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    Japanese Roofed Entry Gate Plans

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All plans include a complete and accurate Materials List and image files delivered via email which you can print at home. Some plans also include full sized template files to help you with more difficult and critical parts. These full sized templates may require a local print shop for best results.

If you have questions or need help or advice during construction, we provide very good support through email or you can schedule a phone call if needed.

All plans can be further customized to be ideally suited to your site.

Many of our plans are in Asian style design but we do employ some traditional American joinery and western style building techniques. For example, our Azumayas use rafters, ridge beam, rafter ties, and modern connectors which are mostly concealed instead of traditional Asian roof members.

We also offer high quality kits for some of these structures.


If you require a building permit to erect one of these structures, some local building departments won't accept plans not prepared by the homeowner, or an architect, engineer, or builder licensed in your state. You may need a local professional to review and seal the plans in order for your buildiing department to accept them. It is recommended you research this in advance before purchasing any of our plans.