Welcome to our Torii Gate Plans Page!

Our Torii Gate Plan has two Options for the top Beam.

Roofed Torii
Curved Beam Torii
Torii Gate Plans, tori, tory plan
Torii Gate Plans, tori, tory Plan

The Roofed Torii has a shingled roof following along the Curved Beam, while the Curved Beam Torii has a bent 2x8" wood cap on the Beam and is simpler and easier to build.

We supply a nice set of easy to understand Plans with some handy tips, and step-by-step directions for both Roof Versions, such as how to laminate and fabricate all the pieces,

and cut the nice curves.

I give very good Support should you need any advice.

The Torii Gate PLANS come with an accurate Materials List.

We email you the .Jpg Files for each Plan Page

which you print out at home.

Click image to see the Page Files we send you

torii gate plans

This structure is designed to be Set into the Ground

to gain lateral stability.


- Purchase Torii Plans for $100 -

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* These Torii Plans are also available in Metric

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Some Torii built from our Plans

Simple Curved Beam Torii

Build torii


Roofed Torii


Wooden Torii
Torii gate Plans






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