Deck Seating Plans, Wood Bench Plan

Our Modular Deck Seating is as comfortable as it is good looking !

Another very nice feature of this seating design are the built - in table tops.

deck benches, seating for decks

Deck Seating next to a curved spa surround


This is a Modular Systems based on the Seat Frames

(seat Bottom piece, seat Back piece, and two Legs, pre-assembled).

The Seat Frames are set in place and everything else is built off of them.

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Once you know the connections, measurements and angles for these

Seat Frames, and how the other elements of this design go together,

you'll be able to configure a seating plan to fit your site,

putting different length benches and table tops where you want them.

The first 3 images below are of the our Basic Seating Plan

with a 5' and 3' Bench either way with three table tops.

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Deck Seating Bench Plans


Images of our Basic Modular Seating Plan with 5' & 3'  benches     

deck seating   deck benches deck bench




 I designed this Deck Seating, benches many years ago and have been

refining it ever since, for comfort as well as appearance. My Goal was

to design a Bench with built-in Table Tops .

Our seating is especially appropriate for corner areas of decks

and patios, making good use of wasted space.

Below are some of the seating arrangements we've

built using our Modular System .


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