Asian Style Garden And Landscape Structure Plans

Many of our structures are in a Japanese Style, and although we do employ some traditional joinery, they are mostly designed using Western Style building techniques.

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  • San Diego Japanese Gazebo

    Japanese Gazebo

  • shade pavilion

    Shade Pavilion

  • San Diego Picket Fence and Arbor

    Picket Fence and Arbor

  • Wisteria Composite Lumber Deck

    Wisteria Arbor Deck

  • Jamul Patio Cover

    Jamul Patio Cover

  • Moond Gate Entry

    Moon Gate Entry

  • Japanese Railing

    Japanese Deck Railing

  • La Jolla Deck Design

    La Jolla Deck

  • Point Loma Deck Design

    Point Loma Deck

  • Casa De Oro Patio Cover with a view of Mt Helix

    Casa de Oro Patio Cover

  • Spa Deck with Shade

    San Diego Deck

  • Curved Arbor Plans

    Encinitas Sea Side Deck

  • mount helix deck design

    Mount Helix Deck

  • Japanese Garden

    Japanese Garden

  • Tea House

    Japanese Roofed Fence Plans

Welcome to My Projects Page:

 My goal for each of my Projects has always been to Create something

Unique and Nicer each time.  My Custom Decks and various Landscape, Shade, Patio and Garden Structures all enhance the outdoor space.

My well thought-out Designs consider many factors, and combine years of

innovative Building experience with Creative Design.

 I'm very familiar with most of the different architectural styles and

especially enjoy Asian style Designs using natural materials, a little traditional joinery, and Western style construction techniques.

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