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We offer 6 Roof Styles on our Japanese Gate Kits










Japanese Gate Kits

Inverted Curve

Japanese Gate Design

Our Standard Size Gate has a 5' wide entry,

with a 6' 8" walk thru height.

The Gates can be modified, made wider and taller, as seen in the

Azumaya Roof below in 5' and 8' wide versions

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Click on Photos  (of similar Japanese Gates we've built)

Japanese gate Kit

Japanese Gate Kits

                Straight Roof ..



   Inverted Roof ..



These Asian Styled Entry Gates are Designed Western-Style, instead of

using Traditional Japanese Joinery and Roof members.

These Gates are Set into the Ground to gain Lateral Stability.

Our Fine Quality Entryway Kits are individually built for you

with Fine Workmananship and plenty of Attention to Detail, and we use

one of the nicest timber for Fine Outdoor Structures,

Old Growth Western Red Cedar.

  We also offer Plans for these Gates

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All of the major components of these structures are fashioned from stock that has been Laminated for strength and stability. For instance, the Main Posts

are fabricated from four 2”x 6”s.

Japanese Gate Kits

Japanese Gate Kit


These Gates are fabricated using Traditional and Modern Joinery Techniques, and Modern (mostly concealed) Fasteners,

and come with all pieces carefully

detailed and hand sanded.  

The two Main Posts, with their Cross Beam, and Corbel-Beam, come pre-assembled.



We usually Ship in 3 to 5 Weeks, depending on our Workload.

Before Purchasing, you can Contact Us

for Shipping Options and Costs



 We offer very good Support by email and phone for any questions you have

during and after installation, and answer any questions you might have.

 Included in the Kit are all the fasteners needed. 

You supply the roof sheathing and roofing.

We carefully crate the Kit, and arrange for Shipping. You pay the Shipping Costs.

See Us Build Three Kits-

Azumaya Roof
Straight Roof
Draped Roof
How To Build Japanese Gate


* Click Photographs below to see similar Gates we've built*
Straight Roof Curved Roof Draped Roof Inverted Curve Roof



- Purchase 5' wide Roofed Entryway KIT -

                   Please Contact Me by email or phone to place your order.


 Roofed Entryway Prices -

  Roof Style

 Straight Roof  $10,400
 Curved Roof  $10,800
 Draped Roof  $11,000
 Inverted Curve  $10,800
 Azumaya Roof  $11,500


You can also Order a 2 panel, 5' wide Gate for your Entryway,

Our Gates (sold seperately) come in 4 styles,  are carefully hand detailed,

and Shipped fully assembled. You supply the gate hardware, hinges Etc.

Gate Prices -

 Style 1  $1,700
 Style 2  $2,200
 Style 3  $2,000
 Style 4  $1,900

* We arrange Shipping, and you pre- pay the shipment.

Contact Us for actual shipping cost

To order by phone, get more information or for customized kits:
(619) 462-WOOD (9663)   between 7AM and 7PM PST
- OR -
Contact Us online.

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